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Plasmatica Ext Regular truetype font

This is the page of Plasmatica Ext font. You can download it for free and without registration here. This entry was published on Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, at 05:15 PM and was placed in the Regular catalog. Version of the Plasmatica Ext is Version 1.0; 2001; initial release. This page was viewed 84 times. File was downloaded 237 times.

Plasmatica Ext Regular free truetype font
  • Name: Plasmatica Ext
  • Version: Version 1.0; 2001; initial release
  • Type: Regular
  • Category: P
  • Added: 2011-11-22
  • Viewed: 84
  • Downloaded: 237

Copyright (c) Derek Vogelpohl, 2001. All rights reserved. Plasmatica - Ext is a trademark of Apostrophic Laboratories.

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Plasmatica Ext Waterfall

Plasmatica Ext example
Plasmatica Ext example
Plasmatica Ext example
Plasmatica Ext example
Plasmatica Ext example
Plasmatica Ext example

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Eloisa 2013-06-29 09:37 pm
By August 30, 2010 - 12:12Hi Tom,don't despair, the Hebrew is comnig. There is so much to do in this font project that we had to prioritise and do what was achievable for the 10.10 release. We're starting the Hebrew design this autumn.I haven't had a chance to study your initial designs in detail but one thing we have to make sure is that we can't compare it with Arial. In Arial many of the complex non-latins are just thrown in from other designs, with very little correlation to the Latin. It is important that we study the Hebrew, it's history and tradition, and then find a design that harmonises with the Latin without becomnig Latinized.Arabic and Hebrew will be part of the core set of fonts (Reg, Bold plus Italics) and form a pattern to be extended into the other font styles if someone wants to pick up the baton. We are also likely to be involved int the development of other scripts, already sketching some initial Devanagari work.I hope we can keep you patient.Best
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